7 Car Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life of Your Car

Cars are beautiful assets to possess. The moment you buy your dream car, you deservedly…

Cars are beautiful assets to possess. The moment you buy your dream car, you deservedly feel very pleased with yourself. However, the joy of this new luxury can only last if you maintain it.

If running into an auto shop now and then irritates you as it should, then you should get to work on maintaining your car. Apart from the fact that maintenance keeps your car reliable, you also save a lot of money. BritainReviews has all you should know about cars in the UK.

Before carrying out any major repairs, you may want to read these reviews about Car Parts companies.

Meanwhile, here are 7 maintenance tips to extend the life of your car.

1. Wash your car regularly:

In the first few weeks of ownership, you will do this without much ado. But with time it gets increasingly difficult and you may even consider it unnecessary. Make a habit of washing your car regularly to at least get rid of the road salt and mud.

2. Change the air filter when necessary:

Not changing the air filter of your car can get it blocked or dirty. Consequently, the car’s fuel consumption will increase and performance will be less than optimal. Changing the air filter once a year is okay but you might have to do it more frequently if you are prone to driving in dusty areas.

3. Avoid refilling in recently filled petrol stations:

When a petrol station’s tank is recently filled, several particles may be stirred up in the process. Refilling your car with such fuel can block your fuel filters.

4. Keep your tires inflated:

This makes driving smoother. To be sure you get the pressure right, check the tire information plate; you don’t want your tires blowing out while you’re doing a 180.

5. Drive carefully:

There’s not much you can achieve with car maintenance if you drive recklessly. This is not about speeding but more about how you start with a cold engine, warming your engine by allowing your car to idle, or accelerating and braking so frequently. These things affect your car badly. And so does a lot of short drives.

6. Keep your keychain light:

Putting a lot of keys in your keychain puts a heavyweight on the car key when it is in the ignition. This can weaken the ignition tumblers leading to ignition switch failure.

7. Preserve your car if you won’t be using it for long:

To prevent unnecessary damage to your car, here are a few tips to apply before packing it away

  1. wash the car and wax it to preserve the look.
  2. disengage the parking brake to help avoid brake corrosion.
  3. use jack stands to take the weight off the wheels
  4. d)fill the gas tank to prevent condensation.

Maintenance may take effort, but it’s certainly less cumbersome than constant repairs. In addition to using the tips above, you should always be observant when driving. Watch out for changes in sound and fuel consumption rate. These are signs that something may be wrong with your car.

Don’t hesitate to contact professional automobile services if a repair ever needs to be done. Then your car is sure of “living longer.”