An Ultimate Guide to Rubbish Removal in Sydney

It is vital to remember that waste disposal is getting rid of any item or…

It is vital to remember that waste disposal is getting rid of any item or material that is not useful for our everyday lives. Disposing of is different than collection and removal because the latter terms involve moving the waste from a site to a disposal area. On the other hand, disposal can happen in three essential ways:

  • As a result of scheduled waste collection from a prominent company in your area
  • After a reactive collection, which we can call a rubbish clearance
  • If you deliver waste to the disposal site by yourself, meaning driving to a recycling centre, which will provide you peace of mind

1.Rubbish Clearance

You should remember that rubbish clearance is a process carried out by a machine or by hand. The moment you decide to lift the waste and carry it to the vehicle, the process starts. The service is a part of including labour. You can take advantage of machines that will scoop up everything and put it in the back.

The main goal is to find a grabber, which is perfect for heavy-duty waste such as rubble and earth. A digger can carry and scoop the loose waste into a nearby wheelbarrow or container to provide you peace of mind. If you are handling a low-duty job, we recommend you use wheelbarrows.


We can differentiate four essential ways to store rubbish before disposing of it:

  • Skip or Hippo Bag – You can take advantage of a builder-style bag that you can fill beforehand, which will help you ensure the best course of action. Then the waste collection company will collect the bag by using mechanical tools to lift it inside. On the other hand, you can empty everything manually.
  • Loose – You can pile or stack the waste loosely without using a containment. Therefore, you should carry it by hand into the vehicle, or use a grabber lorry for the process.
  • Skip – Another option is to take advantage of a metal container on the property. You can fill it with waste, and then a collection company will take it and empty it based on your preferences. You can choose them in different sizes, but you will need a permit to place them outside of your property.
  • Wheelie Bin – Having too much rubbish may not fit into a wheelie bin. However, you can use it for small-duty options, especially if you wish to add packaging from furniture deliveries and other things that may fit.

Types of Bulky Waste Collectors

When choosing rubbish removal in Sydney, you should learn about different ways to collect your waste beforehand.

1.   Contractors

You can find licensed waste operators that will charge you for the process. We are talking about man & van collection businesses, while you can also choose skip bag providers and skip hire options available on the market.

The main idea is willing to pay for disposal, especially if you wish to remove everything as soon as possible. If that is the case, we recommend you find relevant contractors that will provide you peace of mind.

2.   Retailer Take-Back Services

You can also take advantage of retailers that offer disposal options when you wish to replace old items. We are talking about take-back service, which is a perfect solution for furniture, mattress, and appliance retailers you can handle through bathroom companies and kitchen contractors.

Remember that many electrical appliance retailers feature a legal obligation to offer you an in-store take-back service. It is an extended responsibility, which is common among furniture retailers as well.

Compared with other options, you can rest assured, because take-back is an affordable solution. Retailers will subsidize the service to offer you knew items as well. It is a convenient solution because they will organize the delivery as well. Still, it is an option for people who wish to replace a certain appliance or furniture. It is not for others.

3.   Council

You should know that councils are taking away everyday waste at least once a week, which is vital to remember. At the same time, numerous councils will offer you low-cost collection services, which is perfect for most residential areas. The service includes Clean Junk, while the expense depends on locality and other factors.

Generally, they feature a set of prohibited and permitted items they will handle. For instance, some of them will not accept fridges or DIY waste, while others will allow you to dispose of the entire garden shed altogether.

Of course, they come with certain waiting times that depend on the business and capacity. Still, you should expect at least a week before they reach you, while in some situations, you will wait much more.

4.   Do It Yourself

Most people can easily transport the rubbish to a disposal area. Therefore, if you are a householder, it means you can reach the waste or recycling centre. At the same time, if you own a business, it means you should find a commercial facility. For residential areas, the option is perfect because most HWRCs are affordable.

The main disadvantage is that you must drive everything at peak times and wait in a queue, meaning you will wait to reach your line. At the same time, you will need a proper vehicle to transport the relevant waste you have. Generally, you can use your regular car, which is perfect for smaller items.

However, if you wish to handle large furniture, bulky garden tools, or DIY waste, you should choose other disposal options.

5.   Re-Users

The main idea is to assume your bulky item is in perfect condition, then you can reuse everything, which will provide you peace of mind. You can find a wide array of re-using options where you can give away belongings to social enterprises, charities, businesses, and individuals who wish to use second-hand items.

Price Tag

When it comes to price tag, you should remember that disposal is free if you remove waste by yourself and visit a tip. Of course, you will need a relevant vehicle and time to handle each step along the way.

On the other hand, choosing a council collection service is the most affordable solution. Rates vary based on the location, meaning you should research before making up your mind. Remember that a private contractor is the most expensive option, while the price will depend on the type of waste and the amount you wish to handle.

Generally, the expenses you must handle depend on numerous factors, including:

1.   Weight

The biggest factor when calculating the expenses of disposal is weight. Light waste and rubbish are more affordable to handle than bulky options. Based on numerous factors, when a collection company reaches your home, the vehicle will get weighed on arrival. After offloading everything, they will weigh you again on the exit.

As a result, they will charge you based on the difference. The disposal rate depends on the type of stuff you wish to get rid of.

2.   Type

Another crucial factor is the type of rubbish you wish to throw away. In most cases, the rubbish comprises Mixed General Waste or unsegregated non-hazardous rubbish. However, if you decide to segregate everything before the disposal, we can differentiate numerous sub-sets including cardboard, green waste, wood, inert, ferrous metal, and many more.

According to regular situations, mixed general waste is the most expensive because it requires the most work. Therefore, since they must segregate everything, you must pay for additional service.

3.   Location

Finally, the expense depends on the cost of rent, labour, proximity to landfill sites, energy plants, and other things that are close to your location.

Specific Options You Should Consider

  • Garden – If you wish to dispose of things from your garden, we recommend you use a green waste collection service from your area. At the same time, you can choose numerous contractors by checking online for the best course of action. Other ways include using a skip bag, hiring a skit, turning it into compost, and many more.
  • Garden Shed – In most cases, sheds are part of DIY waste, meaning bulky waste collection services will not collect it as part of it. Therefore, you should talk with the recycling centres or pay someone to remove everything.
  • Fridge – If you wish to remove the fridge from your area, we recommend you find a collection company to remove it as soon as possible. You should check out the disposal requirements for specific details that may help you throughout the process. That way, you can determine the average prices after using a licensed contractor.
  • Home Clearance – The main idea when clearing an entire property is to understand that you are conducting a major undertaking. Therefore, you should find a collection company that can dispose of your items before moving in or after moving out, which will prevent potential problems from happening.
  • Flooring and Carpets – If you wish to change carpet and flooring, you must get rid of the old ones. The best way to do it is to find a carpet fitter to dispose of it for you, take advantage of take-back services or find a collection company that will provide you peace of mind.