Is Black Friday the Best Time to Get Luxury Fashion Pieces?

It is that time of the year again- the annual day for high discounts on…

It is that time of the year again- the annual day for high discounts on products ranging from gadgets and technology to fashion and fashion accessories. For a lot of people, whenever the term “Black Friday” is uttered, they automatically think of people running down to stores like Walmart to get insanely high discount deals on Laptops, TVs, phones, and high-end fashion brands. The same thing applies to online stores like eBay, Aliexpress, and Amazon, which witness huge online traffic and might even lead to some sites crashing. Some luxury brands also participate in the Black Friday deals, bringing down a fraction of their prices for the public. Fashion brands like Zara have their Zara Black Friday offering up to 20{284ed58024cbf5da1e4c54ecf541de776b93362fbbfea59134d77ce93b46ce33} to 30{284ed58024cbf5da1e4c54ecf541de776b93362fbbfea59134d77ce93b46ce33} discount from the original price of its products. Other luxurious brands offer some of their non-exclusive products at a discount price as high as 30{284ed58024cbf5da1e4c54ecf541de776b93362fbbfea59134d77ce93b46ce33} to 40{284ed58024cbf5da1e4c54ecf541de776b93362fbbfea59134d77ce93b46ce33}.

High-end luxury brands rarely offer insane deals on their products as it is not their style. For brands like Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton do not hope for any ridiculous discount on their products and services, they would offer some certain level of discount but not as much as an average shopper would want. Studies from Review websites reveal that many luxury fashion brands having exclusive clothing designs would not put up such designs at 50{284ed58024cbf5da1e4c54ecf541de776b93362fbbfea59134d77ce93b46ce33} or 75{284ed58024cbf5da1e4c54ecf541de776b93362fbbfea59134d77ce93b46ce33} off, and this is because most brands pride in the limited availability of their products that makes them high-class. Reducing the prices so steeply will lead to an overspread of those products, nullifying the exclusivity of such products and designs. Luxury brands would not want to risk that for anything.

Black Friday retains its position as best time to get deals on luxurious fashion pieces, but even then, the cost of such fashion products does not come at cheap, for instance, Fendi’s discount on its products would never go half of its original price. If the price was high originally for an average person, when discounted due to Black Friday sales, it would still be high side, even when the price has been reduced. It depends solely on your pocket and how much you have saved up. Getting the best discount deals on fashion clothing can happen on a Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the particular brand discount day. But never will it be a very high discount.

Is Black Friday a good time for luxurious pieces to be purchased? Yes. They would come lower in price and a little more affordable, but do not expect it to be very cheap. The way they participate in Black Friday is different from other generic brands with lesser-known names. So, do you want to get Jason Wu 100{284ed58024cbf5da1e4c54ecf541de776b93362fbbfea59134d77ce93b46ce33} silk trench coat at a lower price? Black Friday might just be your lucky shopping day.