Read here why moss is taking over your entire lawn

Many people spend a lot of time in their garden during the sunny months of…

Many people spend a lot of time in their garden during the sunny months of the year, for instance to receive guests to enjoy a cozy barbecue. Of course, you want your garden to look nice at times like these. Do you suffer from moss in your lawn? You are certainly not the only one with this problem. Get started quickly and deal effectively with moss in the lawn!

Why does moss form in your lawn?

When you have a lawn, it is important to maintain it properly. Many people know the basic principles of maintaining grass, but it is another thing to perform this maintenance well. First of all, it is very important to mow your lawn. Removing weeds and providing nutrition is also important. Nutrition naturally includes water, but also think of nutrition in the form of extra seeds. Things like these are all very important to keep your lawn healthy.

Moss arises for several reasons. It is a general sign that your lawn has a weak resistance and could use some extra attention. Moss can also form on compacted soil. Because the soil is pressed too closely together, water can no longer reach the roots of your grass properly. However, moss can grow very well in these circumstances and that is why moss often wins over grass. In addition, moss is created because your lawn does not get the nutrition it needs. Therefore, make sure you sow your lawn several times a year.

When is it time to scarify?

Is your grass looking a little sad at the moment? Then it may be necessary to scarify your entire lawn. You can do this with a special machine that turns the ground with sharp blades. The blades only reach the shallow layer in your lawn, so the deeper roots are not damaged. After a scarifying service, your grass will initially look even worse. Do not be alarmed, because this is completely normal. After a while you will see that the grass is recovering and looks better than before.

Aerating the lawn

It is also smart to aerate your lawn regularly afterwards. With aerating the lawn, more oxygen gets to the deeper roots of the grass. The water also penetrates deeper and the ground moves a little more. It is recommended to aerate your lawn twice a year. Do this preferably when the soil is dry and when it is not too cold outside. For example, spring and early autumn are the most ideal periods. So take action now!