Things to Find Out When Buying Used Forklifts for Sale

Buying a forklift for your necessities as a business owner is such a big achievement…

Buying a forklift for your necessities as a business owner is such a big achievement when you’re new in the industry. That’s because these trucks are indeed expensive and it’s not easy to purchase without sufficient capital. Let’s say that it’s some sort of an investment, that’s why obtaining one means a lot for some organizations.

However, this doesn’t mean that we should only purchase brand-new machines because these will be costly. Keep in mind that not all entrepreneurs start with overflowing cash on their tables. Some of them may have inherited companies from their family, while others have to apply for loans since they don’t have enough capital.

I suggest you consider Sun Equipment forklifts for sale because they have secondhand machines that are worth investing in so check them out for more information. With this, you won’t have to buy a new unit since used trucks will surely work fine, thus, get the latest ones when you’ve earned enough. Well, that’s how capitalism works, and without money, your company won’t survive.

Why use forklifts?

There must be reasons why you need these vehicles in your organization, especially in the warehouse. So let’s see how useful this could be for your businesses.

  • It supports a health and safety-compliant policy, thus, preventing injury at the workplace. The user must be certified as well to prevent risks.
  • Carrying loads that a normal human being can’t with his strength. With this, laborers won’t be abused by moving objects beyond their limits.
  • Using this with loading and unloading items would be faster. With increased capacity, work can be done on time.
  • Machines don’t get exhausted like humans. You can use this without it getting tired unless the engine malfunctions.
  • You may hire a truck, but if it’s vital to your daily operations, you better buy used forklifts for affordable rates and get a new unit later.

Things to Look for When Buying Secondhand Machines

Some equipment could have hidden issues, that’s why you must inspect them first. You’ll be investing your money in this, thus, you must be meticulous – read to learn why it’s an investment. So we have here a few things that you must find out.

Test Drive

Since you’ll buy this for your company, then take the driver with you. In this way, he can drive the truck and test if it’s running smoothly. Some business owners aren’t well-versed in this equipment, thus, they should be accompanied by experts.

You’re just making sure that you won’t be wasting money on this. That’s why you must test the equipment to guarantee that it’s working. Doing this will allow you to check how the engine works, too.

Don’t accept any terms without test driving. Because most sellers of used items don’t allow returning or exchanging of items.


If the seller promotes that this unit was only used for a year or two, then that’s good. But look at the tires because they shouldn’t wear and tear. With such a promotion, the tires should still be looking good unless it was overused and driven on rough roads.

Keep in mind that tires are essential parts of a forklift. When it’s not in good shape, then your safety is at risk. That’s why it would be great if you could request the seller to give you a discount for replacement.


You use these parts to carry the load, thus they shouldn’t have cracks or any damage. This is a very important factor, so you shouldn’t miss to check it out. If this happens to be broken, then you better look for another unit to inspect.

Keep in mind that when these forks are bent, the evenness factor drops which means they need replacement. That won’t be nice since they are in contact with the ground. Anyway, look for wear and tear signs because these forks must be thick which should at least maintain a 90% thickness.


When you turned on the engine, did you notice any leaks from the hose? If you do, ask the seller to replace this so that accidents can be prevented. For example, slip and fall accidents may occur due to oil spills – check this out for more info.

You should know that when the hose is worn out, leaks may damage other parts of your engine. This will lead to a bigger problem later, that’s why it’s important to inspect thoroughly.

Overhead Guard

There must be no dents or knocks on the overhead guard. If you can find them, this means that this unit was involved in some incidents. You should have read the OHSA regulations to learn that when damaged, it isn’t permitted for use.

It’s because it will put your driver’s safety at risk. If you’re still interested in buying this secondhand unit, then ask for repairs for your peace of mind.